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Mary Retka

Vice President, Industry Relations & Public Policy
Mary Retka

Mary Retka has worked in the telecommunications industry for the past 43 years. She has worked for Northwestern Bell, AT&T, U S West, Qwest, and CenturyLink, prior to joining Somos. Her career highlights include project managing the Embedded Base transfer of assets between AT&T and the RBOCS, work to establish the Global Information Movement and Management product at AT&T with KDD and BTI, with the Qwest team developing the initial Interconnection agreement and negotiating those agreements successfully, witnessing for Qwest in several cases, providing the persuasive information to convince CenturyLink to take advantage of the safe harbor for rural call completion, representing Qwest and then CenturyLink on the North American Numbering Council, Co-chairing the NANC B&C-WG, co-chairing the ATIS NGIIF as that group successfully completed the call completion handbook, and co-chairing  the ATIS Testbed group, working to facilitate the Somos IP routing and SHAKEN testing. Now, as the Industry Relations Vice President for Somos, she is continuing involvement in numbering, call completion, IP transition, testing, and more.

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