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William Carter

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
William Carter

William Carter was named Chief Operating Officer in 2013. His responsibilities are concentrated on strategic planning and ensuring the company is equipped to achieve its goals. Doing so, focuses his attention on overseeing daily operations, financial goals, staffing requirements and vendor management.

Previously, William operated as Chief Technology Officer for Somos, where he focused on defining the company’s technology, operations strategy and building the technical operations team.

William’s telecommunications career spans more than 20 years in global operations, network engineering and software development, including expertise with start-ups and mergers and acquisitions. His expertise originates from past employers like Primus Telecommunications Group International (NYSE:PTGI), Arbinet (NYSDQ: ARBX), Cable and Wireless International (CWI), and MCI Communications (MCI).

“I feel fortunate to work at Somos. The Toll-Free Industry is a crucial service for its users, service providers and for all of North America. That said, I’m delighted to be associated with a company that collectively embraces and works diligently to honor its responsibilities. Continuous growth and evolving technology makes for exciting times. I am confident that we are well positioned and equipped for success.” 

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