CSF Corporation

case study
Tue, 10/13/2015

Backed by former Bell Labs engineers, CSF Corporation leverages Somos’ reliable Toll-Free Number database to develop a powerful Toll-Free administration, text enablement, and LCR product; 8MS.

8MS was designed to make Toll-Free provisioning faster and more efficient with a simple administrative interface that makes reserving, activating, routing, and transferring Toll-Free Numbers easy.

Now 30% of Toll-Free Numbers are managed through 8MS and 70% of the updates to the SMS/800 platform originate through this influential system.

CSF’s 8MS TeXT module works with the Texting & Smart Services (TSS) Registry powered by Somos and allows Resp Orgs to text enable any Toll-Free Number, then provides the infrastructure to deliver, and manage those texts from an end to end basis.