Enhancing the Way We Communicate – A Discussion around Text to Toll-Free at MONage 2018

Thu, 04/19/2018

“Did you know you can text to Toll-Free Numbers?”

This was the opening question at yesterday’s session at MONage entitled “Text to Toll-Free: The Preferred Business Communication Channel.”  Led by Somos' Director of Product Management, Ryan Karnas, the panel immediately dove into the benefits and opportunities that are available with text to Toll-Free.  Shannon Donohue, Director, Global Connectivity and Carrier Relations, CallFire, Inc, as well as Chris Currie, President, Aerialink LLC, joined Ryan in a thought provoking deep dive into this new and emerging communication method.

The session began with a general overview of how text to Toll-Free is increasingly being offered as a relevant, viable method of communication in the corporate enterprise sphere.  Specifically, they discussed how Toll-Free’s intimate association with brand makes it a much more trusted form of communication that is both non-intrusive as well as cost effective.  As Chris noted, Toll-Free is taking the lead on B2C communications and allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with your customer.

The panelists relied heavily on their own personal experiences with text to Toll-Free to help illustrate the platform’s relevancy.  One example from Shannon that really helped drive home the benefits of text to Toll-Free is its use in a disaster recovery plan.  In the event that there is a major disaster or incident that requires swift action and messaging, a text from a Toll-Free Number can be used to immediately alert employees of where to go and what to do in the event of the disaster.  Conversely, let’s say you are a hip avant-garde party in LA and you want to have an exclusive party.  Shannon also presented an example where a Toll-Free Number was provided for attendees to text for the location of the party.

As the conversation wrapped up, it became overwhelmingly clear that the opportunities for text to Toll-Free are truly limitless.  The text to Toll-Free revolution is definitely upon us and it’s beyond exciting to see industry leaders like Somos, Callfire and Aerialink lead the change and drive user adoption.   As we’ve learned, when it comes to text to Toll-Free, the message is clear – it’s here and happening NOW.