Forrester’s Keys to Customer Obsession

Mon, 06/11/2018


Are you customer aware or customer led?  If the former, it’s time to rethink how your business is operating in the Age of the Customer.  In their recently released customer report, Forrester has outlined key tactics and strategies to drive customer obsession in your organization.  One key theme throughout the report is the importance of having a conversation with the customer and making them part of the decision-making process.  One thing essential to keeping the conversation flowing is having a solid, neutral platform where customers can be confident that are being heard.

As members of the Toll-Free community knows, unfiltered customer needs are being communicated over Toll-Free Numbers every day. If serving customers better than ever starts with listening more deeply to their conversations, Toll-Free Numbers serve as a central conduit for those insights.

Here’s why: The key is to remain grounded in what customers need — being customer-led, insights-driven, and fast. But discovering and analyzing customer data isn’t easy, and it’s the foundation that must be laid before successfully implementing new approaches or services. The truth is, if someone was selling a crystal ball that told enterprises instantly what customers truly need and want, they would probably pay a lot of money for its invaluable insights.

Just short of a crystal ball is something almost as magical — the voice of the customer, coming straight to businesses through inbound customer inquiries. Customers who call a business’s Toll-Free Number have an explicit and strong interest in what services they have to offer. They’re more likely to buy than any other prospect, and they usually have larger amounts of money to spend. What’s more, they’ve probably done a lot of research on the business and their competition and will ask the most pointed questions indicative of what’s going to make or break the sale for them in that moment.

The value of a Toll-Free Number goes beyond just creating a connection — it’s a business’s lifeline to customer truths that will make or break their customer strategy.

To read the full Forrester report, visit their research page here.