Somos Helps to Win the Fight Against Childhood Hunger with Generosity Feeds

by: Ann Berkowitz
Thu, 05/24/2018

Northern Virginia is considered one of the wealthiest region in the United States yet 17% of children in our area struggle with hunger.

Erinn Beckner, Vice President of Operations at Generosity Feeds, shared this shocking statistic with me during our first meeting. Learning that nearly 1 in 5 of the children living in our community, possibly even next door or across the street, are food insecure is a truly polarizing feeling. Like many fortunate people in our area, I have never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from. I was overwhelmed to be confronted with what is best described as a “largely invisible problem” and inspired to help.

According to Generosity Feeds, over 64,000 school aged children struggle with hunger. With such a staggering figure, Somos chose to take a proactive step in helping break the cycle. We took the opportunity to partner with Generosity Feeds at our recent employee retreat and packaged over 5,000 meals for distribution throughout our local community. At Somos, we deeply value the importance of giving back and are committed to being part of the movement to stop childhood hunger.

So what does volunteering for Generosity Feeds look like? Let me say – not what you may think! With the jams pumping, our team of nearly 60 Somos employees worked together to assemble Rice and Bean meal kits to be delivered to our community. Studies show that kids getting enough food helps them succeed in school—and in life—with improved school performance, greater economic self-sufficiency, and better health. The atmosphere in the room was energized as we worked collectively to contribute to such a great cause that can really help shape a child’s future.

It was an honor working with Generosity Feeds and contributing in their fight against childhood hunger and food insecurity. I think the whole Somos team would agree with me that having the opportunity to participate in this event was a truly memorable and inspiring experience.


Ann Berkowitz
Ann Berkowitz

Senior Vice President & CAO - Administration & Strategic Policy