Summit Training Sessions: Learn to Use the Latest Technology in Toll-Free at #TFUS17

Wed, 08/30/2017

In a few weeks, hundreds of Toll-Free industry leaders will convene at downtown Chicago’s Swissotel for the 2017 Toll-Free User Summit.

As our industry pushes forward into the business world of tomorrow, our tools are necessarily evolving with us. In a marketplace full of ever-changing devices and rapidly-improving software applications, no one can afford to live in the past; Toll-Free included.

Our industry has responded to the rapid changes of modern business with some developments of our own. At the 2017 Toll-Free User Summit, we’re hosting a set of training sessions to prepare to teach you how to leverage these powerful assets to launch your career and your business into the dynamic technological world of the future Toll-Free industry. 

Join us on the morning of Wednesday, September 27 for Training Sessions on the following training sessions:

SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry User Interface (UI) Training

Get a first look at the new TFN Registry with this first training session focusing on the new User Interface. Attendees will enjoy a presentation and  a live demonstration of this powerful tool in order to make the most out of Summit by returning home with an in-depth knowledge of the new SMS/800 TFN Registry.

SMS/800 TFN Registry Application Programing Interface (API) Training

Are you a developer looking to implement the new SMS/800 Toll-Free Number Registry APIs? We will walk you through a list of available APIs, and introduce you to our open source software development kit that can be utilized to implement, and sample request and response use cases on the SMS/800 TFN Registry.

Texting & Smart Services (TSS) Registry Training

Join us at this training session to give your business a jump start into the texting to Toll-Free space. Learn about the text to Toll-Free ecosystem, the roles of Toll-Free Service Providers, how the TSS Registry can help protect your number, and the overall benefits of the TSS Registry API.

RouteLink Training

Make your business more efficient and reduce your Toll-Free costs with tips from our Summit Training Session with RouteLink. This hands-on training session will help you to better understand the technical aspects of integrating RouteLink to your business by assisting you with:

●      Creating a RouteLink account

●      Using  RouteLink sandbox features

●      Implementing the TSS API

●      RouteLink Certification

Visit to register for the 2017 Toll-Free User Summit and select the training sessions you are interested in participating in.

We’re so excited to show Chicago (and the world) how the Toll-Free industry continues to Evolve + Innovate, and we hope that you are too!

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