Flexibility is at Your Fingertips with Somos’ All New IP Routing Solution

The world around us is rapidly changing and with it, new methods of remaining connected to friends, peers and loved ones are emerging and bringing with them a host of innovative ways to keep in touch. To stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital climate, it’s critical that newly developed tech solutions are flexible, scalable, progressive and most importantly, provide long-term results and performance.

As a leading provider of data solutions and the authoritative source for Toll-Free, Somos is excited to introduce a new solution that not only enhances call routing, but also provides an added layer of flexibility for Toll-Free Service Providers. Our all-new IP Toll-Free Call Routing Solution offers a more agile approach to Toll-Free call routing by providing decisive data and technology that promotes and supports the routing of both IP and TDM call traffic on Toll-Free Numbers.

With a strong TDM infrastructure already in place, why make the transition to IP? In addition to being a more modern method of transmitting data, IP call routing provides a range of benefits that helps make staying connected more streamlined and user-friendly:

  • Flexible routing that can be used as a standalone or as a supplement to other routing solutions
  • More modern technology means less reliance on aging systems that can be expensive to maintain
  • A lower barrier to entry that encourages innovation
  • Call termination that is simplified through improved endpoint management capabilities
  • Routing data that is centrally managed in the SMS/800 TFN Registry, a platform you already know and trust

When you implement Somos’ all-new IP Toll-Free Call Routing Solution, you gain access to the ability to increase efficiencies, optimize caller satisfaction and diversify your call routing options, all while expanding your current portfolio of service offerings. Want to learn more about how to make the move to IP connectivity with Somos by your side? Check out our new brochure for more on network connectivity, high-level functionality and more!

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