New Tariff on File for 2015

As part of the new Somos, we are working on updating the tariff to reflect the way we operate today.

The tariff is essentially the contract between Somos and our customers, Toll-Free Service Providers (also known as Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs)). It not only defines the rates, terms, and conditions, but also defines the duties, responsibilities, and limitations between Somos and Resp Orgs.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires Somos to annually file a tariff containing any rate changes. We file this every year around January 31, with an effective date of February 15. Updates to the tariff’s terms and conditions can be made at any time, including during the annual tariff rate update filing. Somos generally notifies Resp Orgs via a News Flash when a tariff change is filed at the FCC.

Many parts of the tariff are substantially similar to the tariff originally filed by the Bell Companies. However, we are reviewing each section to make sure that it accurately describes the business today. This is an on-going process and updating the tariff is important to bring this document up-to-date as we look towards the future.

I’m happy to report that Customer Record Administration rate was up only six one-hundredths of a penny, from .0942 to .0948. That is smaller than a 1% increase. All other rates in the tariff either remained the same or went down. The tariff, including the CRA, is cost-based. Should the costs vary significantly in the future, that will be reflected in all the rates. 

The CRA rate has remained stable for three years. In fact, it is the lowest rate in at least 15 years – a result of our constant and deliberate effort to lower the rate since it’s inception.

The tariff is an important part of the Somos-Resp Org relationship. I encourage you to read the tariff and, if you have questions, please reach out to us at

Joel Bernstein
Joel Bernstein
Vice President, Regulatory and Public Policy

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