Webinar Recap: Introducing IP Toll-Free Call Routing: Limited Beta Prep

The world around us is rapidly changing – new ways of staying connected to friends, peers and loved ones are emerging as we become more and more digitalized and dependent on technology. One technology that is changing the telecommunications industry is IP. With carriers making the shift to IP networks from traditional TDM networks, it’s not a question of whether the industry will fully convert to IP technology, but when.

Be a part of leading the digital revolution with the introduction of an all new IP routing solution powered by Somos, the authoritative source for Toll-Free. Join our Limited Beta Program to access and test the new IP Routing feature in the Sandbox environment of the SMS/800 TFN Registry.

Watch the recorded webinar below and explore the ins and outs of the IP call routing via the SMS/800 TFN Registry and RouteLink. The IP shift is fast approaching – make sure you’re empowered with the tools and knowledge needed to be fully prepared!



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