Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Leslie Mennella

Leslie Mennella

Leslie Mennella is the Vice President for the Human Resources and Administration team for Somos.  Leslie is responsible for strategizing, planning and executing effective HR initiatives that align with the company’s vision and strategic objectives, with a focus on employee engagement, corporate culture, development and opportunity. 

With a passion for creating and maintaining a unique culture of engagement, trust, empowerment and respect, Leslie works to position the company as a high performing organization, attracting, optimizing and retaining top talent.  Leslie is a champion of culture and organizational design, driving the importance of people, and a culture of caring, through various strategies and initiatives.

Leslie has an extensive background in all aspects of human resources and spent much of her career with a communications and systems engineering solution firm, where she managed and led domestic and international HR disciplines. 

Operating with a hands-on, get-it-done approach, Leslie is passionate about honoring and protecting the values that is establishing the unique culture for the employees of Somos.