Past Speakers

Gina Perini
President & CEO, Somos
Shivvy Jervis
Tech Futurist Broadcaster & Industry Advisor
Ann Berkowitz
Senior VP & CAO, Somos
David Stewart
VP, Business Development, Somos
Michelle Larsen
VP, Customer Engagement & Product Strategy, Somos
Sri Ramachandran
SVP & Chief Technology Officer
Anand Akundi
VP Sales Wireless – US Regional Carriers
Joel Bernstein
Vice President, Regulatory and Public Policy
Ali Bijanfar
Engineering Manager
Kyle Belcher
Sr. Product Manager, Somos
Melissa  Blassingame
Director, Strategic Business Development
Chris Canter
Senior Product Manager, IP Contact Center
Bogdan Constantin
Founder & CEO
Justen Davis
Sr. Director, Industry Relations & Public Policy, Somos
Calvin Ellison
Systems Architect
Ryan Karnas
Director, Product Management
Eli Katz
Founder and CEO
Judy Klein
Director, Products & Services
Jared Lawrence
Vice President of Metering Services and Customer Service Transformation
Travis Litman
Acting Chief of Staff
Justin Newman
Chief Operating Officer
Eric Newcomer
Chief Technology Officer
Franck Noel
Head of Solutions Architects, SMB East
Monica O’Neill
Lead Product Manager, Toll Free Services
David Preo
Product Manager, Programmable Voice
Brad  Roldan
VP Product, SaaS Market
Kevin Rupy
Karen Schroeder
Associate Chief, Consumer Policy Division, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Beth Sprague
Director, Reassigned Numbers Database
Kathy Stuart
Senior Product Manager, Somos
Patrick Webre
Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Joe White
Chief Technology Officer
Jaime Zetterstrom
VP, Information Technology