2021 Recorded Sessions

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Day 1

CEO Keynote (Gina Perini)

Somos’ Chair of the Board & CEO Gina Perini official kick-off of the 2021 Somos Summit!

Going Beyond Connectivity (Shivvy Jervis Keynote)

As we prepare for digital life after COVID and, for many, continued remote work, it’s vital that we rethink not only how we connect today, but also how we’ll connect tomorrow and well into the future. Simply stated, we need to discover ways to go beyond connectivity and adopt solutions and technology that help us learn, earn and thrive. Watch as Shivvy Jervis presents a forward-thinking look at incredible innovations that will tangibly help us flourish, while helping grow our businesses.

Communications in a Changing World - A View from the FCC

Whether it’s taking a hard stand against illegal robocalls or adding valuable new resources such as the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND), the FCC has been working tirelessly to promote a vibrant, efficient and trustworthy ecosystem. Join Somos’ Ann Berkowitz and the FCC’s Travis Litman for an enlightening discussion on the state of communications.

Protecting Digital Identities with the All New RND

Somos’ Ann Berkowitz is joined by Karen Schroeder and Patrick Webre of the FCC for a moderated discussion around how the RND is helping to provide an added layer of protection to consumers while likewise contributing towards improved trust and confidence in phone calls.

Digital Agility - Meet the Next Generation of Digital Transformation

The wheels of digital transformation are turning at max velocity, are you agile enough to keep pace? Somos’ Sri Ramachandran and a panel of experts including Anand Akundi of Ericsson and Franck Noel of Amazon Web Services explore the future of digital transformation, the importance of digital agility and what’s happening now, next and beyond.

Knowing is Half the Battle - How KYC Can Save Your Network from Fraud

Somos’ Joel Bernstein is joined by Melissa Blassingame of Twilio, Jared Lawrence of Duke Energy and Kevin G. Rupy of Wiley Rein LLP for a discussion around different strategies for saving networks from fraudulent activity and how Know Your Customer (KYC) can help Resp Orgs, Services Providers and more remain vigilant against telephony fraud.

More Transparency, More Protection – How STIR/SHAKEN is Enhancing Connections

From obtaining toKENs to submitting certifications, Kyle Belcher and Justen Davis from Somos are joined by David Preo of Bandwidth and Joe White of Brightlink for a discussion around STIR/SHAKEN’s impacts and potential aftereffects as well as explore how and why, with STIR/SHAKEN, consumers can once again pick up the phone with confidence.

Industry Keynote: Rethinking Identity Access Management and The Rise of the Developer

Everything is famously code-integrated today, which makes security more of a challenge than ever. A central pillar of security is identity access management (IAM): the technology that protects logins and controls access. Eric Newcomer of WSO2 discusses how IAM code can help keep our systems safeguarded.

Rethinking Customer Engagement - How Messaging is Changing the Game

With a staggering 98% open rate, SMS is clearly THE medium where attention and resources must be focused. Dave Stewart of Somos, Bogdan Constantin of Voxie, Brad Roldan of Bandwidth and Eli Katz of XConnect, A Somos Company explore the increased global demand for business messaging and how businesses can incorporate SMS into their customer experience strategy.

2021 Product Year in Review – Rethinking Tech, Redesigning the Core and Renewing Trust

Somos’ Ryan Karnas highlights 2021’s exciting advancements, key initiatives and what the future holds for the numbering ecosystem. With a focus on future-forward technologies and agility, he shows you how, in today’s mercurial climate, Somos’ product offerings help deliver confidence, security and value to our customers.
Day 2

Rethinking What’s Next – How APIs Can Transform Your Business

Through personal accounts, Judy Klein of Somos, Ali Bijanfar of ATL Communications, Chris Canter of Verizon, Justin Newman of Voxology and Monica O’Neill of Lumen discuss their transitions to the SMS/800 TFN Registry® APIs as well as how implementing the APIs opened the door to new and endless opportunities for their business while providing key benefits for their end users!

Build Brand Trust and Increase Engagement with TFN Identity®

Being able to recognize an incoming call not only provides an important competitive advantage for businesses, but it also helps them deliver better customer service, maintain higher retention rates and more. Somos’ Kathy Stuart examines TFN Identity’s capabilities, benefits and use cases as well as how it helps promote customer engagement and brand recognition.

Renew Trust in Toll-Free Voice Calls with RealNumber®

From examples of real-world implementations to simplifying the non-originating Toll-Free Number identification process, Somos’ Kyle Belcher is joined by Calvin Ellison of Voxox and Jaime Zetterstrom of Intrado for firsthand accounts of how RealNumber DNO helped their organizations identify illegitimately used numbers while better protecting their customers from fraud.

Rev Up Your Engines for the RND - The Latest Vehicle Driving Consumer Protection

Somos’ Beth Sprague provides an overview of the RND’s user interface as well as how the database benefits consumers, enterprises and service providers alike. From understanding how RND queries work to the database’s future – including industry GA – you’ll see firsthand how the RND can support consent management process improvement under the TCPA.
2021 Somos Awards

2021 Somos Awards

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