Help Mitigate Fraud and Support Compliance with RealNumber® DNO: The Industry's Most Comprehensive Do Not Originate Dataset!

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The Telecommunications Landscape is undergoing rapid evolution, driven by the increasing integration of phones into everyday activities such as banking and shopping. This shift has created fertile ground for fraudulent activities, demanding innovative solutions to uphold trust and transparency. Serving diverse clients across sectors like contact centers, financial institutions, and the IoT ecosystem, our suite of solutions ensures accurate dialing, identity management and fraud prevention across the entire telecom ecosystem.  
At Somos, our mission is clear: We are helping to build stronger (and more trusted) connections between consumers, brands and communities. 

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Fraud Mitigation & Data IntegrityFraud Mitigation & Data Integrity
Our Solutions

Fraud Mitigation & Data Integrity Solutions

As a proven leader in data solutions and registry management, Somos is at the forefront of developing, testing and delivering the tools needed to build trust, preserve integrity, mitigate fraud and support regulatory compliance. 

Prevent Fraud & Stay in Compliance with RealNumber DNO for Voice & Text 
Avoid Potential TCPA Violations with RealAgent Reinforce a Phone Number's Identity & Reputation with RealBrand 
Gain Authoritative Number Intelligence with Global Number Range 
Access Accurate Local & Global Number Portability Details 
Query Real-Time Mobile Number Intelligence with LiveStatus


Routing OptimizationRouting Optimization
Our Solutions

Routing Optimization

Harness authoritative routing data to help streamline your operations. Whether Toll-Free or global numbers, empower direct routing with cutting-edge number intelligence, optimizing connections and maximizing resource utilization. Let us help you elevate your network performance. 

Access to Toll-Free Routing Data with RouteLink
Gain Authoritative Number Intelligence with Global Number Range
Query Accurate Local & Global Number Portability Details
Have confidence in your SMS delivery with LiveRouting

Number AdministrationNumber Administration
Our Solutions

Number Administration

Through our role as the FCC-appointed administrators for critical numbering registries, we strive to ensure the seamless operation of essential numbering systems that facilitate communications across diverse platforms and industries. With a commitment to efficiency and reliability, safeguarding the integrity of these numbering resources is key to enabling businesses and individuals to truly connect.

Create a Direct Line to Your Customers with Toll-Free
Open a New Channel for Consumer Engagement with Texting to Toll-Free
Enabling Connections in North America with NANPA
Connect with Confidence using the Reassigned Numbers Database


Connected Asset ManagementConnected Asset Management
Our Solutions

IoT Asset Security

An industry expert in identity management, fraud prevention and data solutions, Somos is leveraging its deep knowledge and industry experience to enhance trust in the IoT ecosystem. At a time when hackers will stop at nothing to defraud innocent consumers, it is our prerogative to proactively protect IoT assets from security threats.

Protect Your IoT Assets with SomosID

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Somos, Inc. Protects Businesses’ IoT Assets with the Availability of SomosID™

Somos, Inc proudly introduces SomosID™, an innovative IoT identity management service that offers an unparalleled registry for IoT asset owners seeking to gain greater visibility into their installed asset(s).

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