Richard Bird

Whether he’s presenting as the bow-tied “Clark Kent” businessman, or as a tattoo-covered cybersecurity “Superman,” one thing about tech exec Richard Bird that reigns supreme – regardless of the persona he’s presenting – is that he is a true blue

Digital Identity Superhero!

As the Keynote Speaker for the 2022 Somos Summit, Richard will help all of us – collaboratively as a unified industry – go the extra mile to ensure that we live in a world where technology, telecom and most importantly, our digital identities, are stronger (and more secure) than ever!



Richard Bird is internationally recognized for his expert insights, work and views on cybersecurity, data privacy and digital identity. 

Richard is a Senior Fellow with the CyberTheory Zero Trust Institute, a Forbes Tech council member and has been interviewed frequently by media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and TechRepublic. Richard's focus since leaving the corporate world has been on creating a world where digital identity is "for the people", empowering human beings with the ability to manage their digital selves in a way that protects their privacy, honors their choices and respects their boundaries.

“One Ring to Rule Them All: Digital Identity, Number Identifiers and the Future”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take X-Ray vision to see that the fantasy of a world in which our digital identities are protected from villains and other ill-doers is long bygone. Luckily for consumers, businesses and service providers, there is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for – ESPECIALLY for those of us in the telecom industry!

During his keynote presentation, Richard Bird will take 2022 Somos Summit attendees on an unexpected journey through the history of our rapidly evolving technology-based and data-driven economy and society. In addition, he’ll explore the great power – and great responsibility! – that telephone number providers need to be aware of as it relates to safety, security, privacy and customer care.

In a world where everyone is racing to be the leader in digital identity protection, join Richard Bird in the quest to unite our efforts across industries and verticals!