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Our Solutions

Toll-Free Voice

Toll-Free Numbers are a trusted, recognizable identifier for consumers to get in touch with a company. They tell customers where to purchase products, where to order service, and where to go for help when they need it. Additionally, phone conversations allow companies to gather direct insight from consumers and create the human connection that customers crave in an increasingly digital world.

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Trusted Steward of A Critical Resource Enabling Connections

Telephone Numbers….Your dentist has one, your local grocery store has one, your smart phone has one, even your smart watch has one. But have you ever wondered where all of these phone numbers come from? The answer, the North American Numbering Plan.


The North American Numbering Plan, commonly known as the NANP, was created in the 1940s to provide an integrated telephone numbering plan for North America. Twenty countries in North America now participate in the NANP and share numbering resources. To ensure numbers are available to meet future demands, an Administrator for the NANP manages this critical resource. The Administrator manages and preserves the NANP resources, oversees the impartial distribution of telephone numbers to telecommunications service providers and optimizes the assignment of numbers.


Selected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in October of 2018 through a competitive bidding process, Somos proudly serves the twenty member countries of the NANP as NANP Administrator (NANPA).


For the U.S., Somos also serves in related roles as the National Thousands-block Pooling Administrator (PA) and the Routing Number Administrator (RNA).


These services, impartially managed in accordance with regulatory directives and Industry guidelines, are critical to preserve and extend the overall life of the NANP—a vital resource for consumers and businesses to connect.


For more information on these services, please visit www.nationalnanpa.com, www.nationalpooling.com, and www.nationalpani.com.  


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Toll-Free Messaging

Texting is a quick and convenient way to communicate today, and it provides businesses with a more direct line to customers. Text enabling trusted Toll-Free Numbers can provide customers with the omni-channel experience they expect and provide your company with a new form of business intelligence.

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Routing DataRouting Data
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Toll-Free Routing Data

RouteLink® is an alternative method for accessing Toll-Free routing data that minimizes latency and helps identify the lowest available cost routing alternative to deliver a call. Through its modern API, you’ll receive Toll-Free routing data from the only authoritative source!

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