Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Access to the Industry's Most Comprehensive Do Not Originate Dataset for Voice & Text

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Authentication Enablement SolutionsAuthentication Enablement Solutions
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Authentication Enablement Solutions

It’s a real – and unfortunate – truth that bad actors continue to defraud and deceive innocent consumers through the use of illegally spoofed phone numbers and other scams. As a proven leader in data solutions and registry management, Somos is at the forefront of developing, testing and delivering the tools needed to build trust, preserve integrity, and mitigate fraud using Toll-Free Numbers.

Prevent Fraud and Stay in Compliance with RealNumber DNO for Voice and Text
Increase Engagement with TFNIdentity®

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Phone numbers are a trusted, recognizable identifier for consumers to get in touch with a company. They tell customers where to purchase products, where to order service, and where to go for help when they need it. Additionally, phone conversations allow companies to gather direct insight from consumers and create the human connection that customers crave in an increasingly digital world.

Toll-Free Number Overview
RealNumber®: Your Key to Driving Trust
TFNIdentity®: Caller ID for Toll-Free
TFNMarketplace™: Buy & Sell with Confidence
NANPA & PA: Enabling Connections

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Toll-Free Messaging

Texting is a quick and convenient way to communicate today, and it provides businesses with a more direct line to customers. Text enabling trusted Toll-Free Numbers can provide customers with the omni-channel experience they expect and provide your company with a new form of business intelligence.

Messaging Overview
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Offer Text Enablement Services to my Customer
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Routing DataRouting Data
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Toll-Free Routing Data

RouteLink® is a new, modern way to gain access to authoritative Toll-Free Routing data direct from the TFNRegistry™. Through its modern API, users can combine accurate and updated Toll-Free routing data with their own network information to create the ultimate routing intelligence for their Toll-Free calls.

Routing Data Overview
Access Toll-Free Routing Data
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