Building Stronger Connections between Consumers, Brands and Communities.

As communication channels evolve and diversify,
Somos continues to deliver solutions to support trust in telecom.

In today’s constantly changing digital world, trust is hard earned. Consumers have become more discerning than ever, which makes it that much harder to cultivate meaningful connections.

At Somos, we’re in the business of protecting consumers and building trust. From voice to messaging to fraud prevention and beyond, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that ensure that our ability to maintain trustworthy connections never stops.


Our Values

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Go Further Together

Go Further Together

At Somos, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) fuel innovation and enhance our ability to connect with and serve a global audience. Our commitment to DE&I transcends bringing together a myriad of unique perspectives though; it’s about nurturing a culture where every voice is heard, valued and respected.  

We understand that representation is just the starting point; the true measure of inclusion is the experience of our employees. By fostering a workplace where every Somos team member can flourish without barriers, we help contribute to a world where everyone not only has a seat at the table but also has the power to shape it. 

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Go Further Together

See Change, Be Change

From supporting non-profits in our local communities to preparing care packages for those who have proudly served our country to ensure that the next generation has the critical skills needed to achieve academic success, giving back has been a part of Somos’ DNA from the onset.

As year after year, we weather new and unprecedented challenges, the passion to double down on our philanthropic efforts continues to grow stronger and more fervent.

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Industry Engagement

Things in our industry are constantly changing – which is why it’s mission critical to network with like-minded professionals to help stay on top of emerging trends as well as keep up to date on the information needed to remain innovative, creative and future-thinking.

Advancing our Industry through Collaboration

Somos is humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of these different associations and help drive the future of telecom.

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If you’re a passionate and ambitious person seeking to grow as an individual, impact millions of people and transform an industry – we want you on our side.

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Who We Are

Somos is a global provider of telephone number and identity information services.

At Somos, we oversee all telephone numbers used in North America. That’s over 7 billion numbers! Somos works to protect the trust between enterprises and consumers when they communicate via toll-free, local and wireless numbers.

Whether it’s through the management of national and international registries like the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), Toll-Free Numbers (TFNA) and the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND), or through our robust set of anti-fraud solutions, Somos is committed to protecting consumer trust in telecom, a channel that promises authentic and seamless communication between people, businesses, and all other important organizations.

Everything we do reflects our total customer focus, as we work collaboratively to build market value and creatively resolve industry challenges. We are committed to delivering leading-edge solutions that help our customers connect, innovate and grow with confidence.


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