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The telecom ecosystem is in a state of significant change and growth. With personal phones being an important part of consumer’s daily lives — used not only for calling and texting, but also for banking, shopping, and as unique, personal identifiers —bad actors are replete with opportunities to defraud individuals and organizations alike.  

These methods of deception and fraud are only getting more sophisticated — so the methods, tools and technologies of those fighting for trust and transparency must develop to match them. 

That’s where Somos comes in. As a leading provider of information that drives trusted global connections, we’re developing solutions that will target and mitigate fraud, bringing trust back to the world of telecom. Our technologies and databases enable, strengthen, and protect digital identity of all kinds, from phone numbers to IoT assets.


Our Customers Span Across Multiple Industries

We serve a variety of customers across the communications ecosystem. Somos is committed to providing our customers with the information and tools they need to act with confidence and ultimately fostering increased trust among consumers. 

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