Recap of 2022 Sessions

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2022 Power Sessions

Incognito Number Intelligence: How Back-End Data is Empowering Better Decisions 

From understanding a number’s critical details – such as what network it belongs to, when it was last ported to a new network and/or whether it’s active and reachable – to enabling invaluable fraud protection, Fenton Bard, Commercial Director at XConnect, discusses why we MUST protect the integrity of our numbers.

Exploring Opportunities in the Toll-Free Market

Toll-Free Exchange hosts this interactive look at the various opportunities we have to future-proof our Toll-Free Numbers. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to discuss hot topics including enterprise identity management, combating fraud, access reform and marketplace competition. 

Understanding the Role of Stir/Shaken in Toll-Free 

During this sponsored POWER Session, industry experts from ANI Networks, Incomm and Evolve Transformative converge to discuss life after the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN. From hurdles to high points, they’ll share both their experiences as well as their lessons learned and best practices. 

The Next Evolution of Somos’ Fraud Program: Providing an “Easy Button” for Resp Orgs 

During this session, Somos’ Joel Bernstein, VP of Regulatory and Public Policy, and Catherine Palcic, Manager, Corporate Risk and Compliance, provided a sneak peek at our Fraud Program 2.0 – including the introduction of an all-new tool that provides Resp Orgs with a one-stop-shop for fraudulent activity reporting.
2022 General Sessions

CEO Keynote – The Value of Phone Numbers is Changing (Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That)

In today’s hyper-digitalized world – one where geography and area codes are no longer mutually exclusive – phone numbers are influencing a much more significant (and complex) part of one’s identity – their digital identity. In thinking about the future, what role will phone numbers play? Will they still provide a strong foundation for our digital identities? Gain the answer to these questions and more in an on-demand recording of the CEO keynote presentation by Gina Perini, CEO & Chair of the Board at Somos, at the 2022 Somos Summit.

What’s Happening in Washington D.C. - FCC Fireside Chat Part One

From finding and prosecuting robocallers and Toll-Free traffic pumpers to fixing access to technology to funding the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, throughout the past year, the FCC has worked tirelessly to promote a trusted, efficient and equitable communication’s ecosystem. Ann Berkowitz, SVP & Chief Administrative Officer – Strategic Public Policy & Number Administration at Somos, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Geoffrey Starks sit-down for a thoughtful conversation around the initiatives that are ensuring that, coast to coast, modern communication’s technology is empowering, inspiring and forward-thinking.

What’s Happening in Washington D.C. - FCC Fireside Chat Part Two

Protecting the integrity of telephony, ensuring the safety of consumers and holding robocallers, spoofers and scammers accountable are all chief priorities at the FCC. From proposing historical fines against Toll-Free traffic pumpers to designating 988 as a nationwide 3-digit number for suicide prevention support, the FCC continues to champion initiatives that put consumers first. In her second of two conversations with FCC policy makers, Ann Berkowitz, SVP & Chief Administrative Officer – Strategic Public Policy & Number Administration at Somos, is joined by FCC Chief, Competition Policy Division, Wireline Competition Bureau, Pamela Arluk for a meaningful perspective on current events from the regulatory viewpoint.

“The Main Event” Coming Together to Combat Fraud

While the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN scored a major KO for consumers, carriers and enterprises alike, it was only the first of many rounds in the match-up of the century – Industry Fraud Fighters vs. Spoofers and Scammers. As the fight moves forward however, and the action continues to unfold, what is the industry doing to prepare for the next bout against its robocaller opponents? Watch Justen Davis, Senior Director, Industry Relations & Public Policy at Somos, and a panel of industry thought leaders for a blow-by-blow account of what’s next for authentication enablement as well as what you can expect to see in fraud mitigation parts two, three, four and beyond. From how STIR/SHAKEN impacts U.S. telecom providers to what’s driving trust on a more global scale, this session is certain to pack a major one-two-punch against fraud!

The Digital Identity Files: How to Deliver Assurance and Authentication in a World that Trusts No One

The Truth is Out There: Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever to engage with their favorite brands. Unfortunately, however, as our digital footprints broaden, the range of opportunities to impersonate, spoof and even STEAL the attributes that make-up our online personas are likewise expanding at a supernatural rate. Knowing this, what can we do to both protect our valuable numbering assets as well as ensure that our digital identities aren’t invaded by alien (or otherwise unknown) scammers and robocallers? Watch the recording of Jaime Zetterstrom, Vice President, Product Management, at Somos, and a panel industry change agents as they probe the momentum around digital identity and investigate the role phone numbers play in establishing trust in a hyper-digitalized, skeptic world.

To Infinity and Beyond – Business Messaging Today, Tomorrow and Lightyears into the Future

With such exceptional stats, it’s like no surprise that more and more organizations are adopting automated business messaging AKA Application-to-Person (A2P messaging). However, with the innovation, ingenuity and enterprise that A2P brings to the table, it also has its own collection of challenges, complexities and costs – all of which require careful consideration. Watch a recording of Dave Stewart, SVP & Chief Business Development Officer, at Somos, and a panel of SMS authorities as they discuss their roles in the business messaging space and best practices for successfully connecting businesses with their customers through messaging during the 2022 Somos Summit session, To Infinity and Beyond – Business Messaging Today, Tomorrow and Lightyears into the Future.

Don’t Stop Believin’…. In Innovation Built on Trust!

To say that phone numbers have experienced quite the journey in the last few years is an understatement! Thanks to advancements in innovation, technology and telecommunications, Toll-Free and local 10-digit numbers alike have faithfully evolved past their singular role as communications channels and since transformed into multi-faceted data assets, digital identifiers and information repositories. Whether you’re looking to reduce fraud, enhance brand identity, modernize your customer engagement or all the above – hold tight! – the Strength of Numbers goes on and on and on and on! Watch the recording of Somos’ Ryan Karnas Director, Product Management, at our 2022 Somos Summit, for a year-in-review recap of how advancements to current solutions, together with new additions to our product portfolio, are reducing fraud and increasing trust in communications. During this session, you’ll see firsthand how our number administration tools, identity and brand protection resources and upcoming offerings are helping to empower trusted connections between brands, consumers and communities today, tomorrow and well into the future.
2022 Breakout Sessions

Welcome to Life on the D-List: RealNumber® DNO Closes the Curtain on Bad Actors

Kyle Belcher, Senior Product Manager at Somos, demonstrated firsthand how RealNumber DNO’s dataset of over 6B Toll-Free and 10-digit local numbers provides a powerful solution that Gateway Providers and U.S.-based operators can leverage to identify calls that originate from invalid, unallocated and/or unused numbers.

The Digital Identity Files Go GLOBAL: “Attributing” their Role on a World-Wide Scale

Moderator Bill LaRuffa, Director, Business Development at Somos, and a panel of experts traveled around the world to help attendees gain some global digital identity bearing. Topics covered included what’s happening on an intercontinental basis as well as digital identity in e-commerce, the mobile ecosystem and beyond.

Breaking New Ground: Innovative Uses for Numbers

Whether you’re interested in discovering how-to facilitate more dynamic dialogues, personalize the consumer journey or all of the above and more, during this session Somos’ Joel Bernstein, VP of Regulatory and Public Policy and a panel of telecom industry experts shared some of the most innovative phone number use cases that they’ve seen. 
2022 Fraud Fighter Award

Fraud Fighter Award

Traffic pumping and fraud are very real problems that continue to blight the telecommunications industry – which is why it’s critical to have industry champions who aren’t afraid to stand up to fraudsters. This year has been a truly stand-out time for telecom and more specifically, the Toll-Free industry, when it comes to working collectively to fight fraud. It is a privilege to recognize two individuals whose efforts have gone above and beyond with the 2022 Somos Fraud Fighter Award! As members of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau, this year’s winners have been instrumental in supporting the investigation of fraud and issuing of punitive action against robocallers, fraudsters and scam artists. In fact, with the support from the likes of last year’s fraud fighter award winners, the tri-chairs of the Toll-Free Traffic Pumping Traceback Group, the FCC issued its first-ever fine for Toll-Free traffic pumping – a staggering $116M fine to a group that made nearly 10M robocalls in a scheme to generate Toll-Free dialing fees! We are honored to recognize the following FCC Enforcement Bureau superstars for their momentous contributions toward protecting the integrity of Toll-Free. It is with great excitement that we announce the following fraud fighters as the recipients of the 2022 Somos Fraud Fighter Award! Kristi Thompson, Deputy Chief, Telecommunications Consumers Division, Enforcement Bureau at the FCC Daniel Stepanicich, Attorney Advisor, Telecommunications Consumers Division, Enforcement Bureau at the FCC