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Gain access to the most accurate, up-to-date information for a cell phone number, direct from the MNO.

Where is the Data??

With fraud on the rise, it’s critical that a cell phone number is validated BEFORE delivering a call or text message. Verifying the number is just one part of the puzzle, however. It’s good protocol for firms to perform several checks to identify if a person is who they say they are.

One of the most direct and efficient to ensuring that due diligence is performed is to conduct a Home Location Register (HLR) Lookup.

XConnect, A Somos Company, offers HLR Lookup services that a user can leverage to access the most accurate, up-to-date information for a given cell phone subscriber. And with data that comes direct from the Mobile Network Operator (MNO), you can be confident that the data is clean and verified.



Delivering Data that is Comprehensive and Complete

While there are multiple options out there when it comes to HLR Lookup providers, few – if ANY – have a network as robust as the one that XConnect has built throughout its nearly 20 years in business.

But just how extensive is the database? With data provided by over 21,800 operators across 233 countries, providers can rest assured that the mobile phone number data they receive via an HLR query is accurate, authoritative and authentic.

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Enhanced insight into mobile phone number data provides countless benefits.

Reduce Fraud

Reduce fraud by proactively verifying that a mobile number is valid and allocated.

Maintain Compliance

Safeguard your organization from regulatory penalties by confirming a number’s validity BEFORE contacting said number.

Ensure Authenticity

With 24x7x365 quality checks, rest assured that data consumed is clean, refined, accurate and current.

Who is XConnect?

XConnect, a wholly owned subsidiary of Somos Inc, consolidates, maintains and delivers trusted telephone number intelligence to world leading telecommunication service providers.

It processes information from hundreds of different global datasets and ensures that customers solve routing, validation and fraud challenges in real time.

XConnect’s Number Information Services are used for voice and messaging routing, fraud protection and to identify and validate insights. They also support the deployment and evolution of next-generation communications, such as VoLTE and RCS.

Its service is accessed through its global distributed hybrid cloud platform using simple, secure, scalable real-time protocols and APIs.

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