SomosID™ IoT Asset Management Services

Gain total transparency to your IoT assets’ current state and vulnerabilities.

Gain Full Transparency to Your IoT Assets!


For companies navigating the fragmented IoT landscape, transparency is crucial. Identifying and securing assets is challenging due to disparate identities across platforms. Lack of clarity leads to time-consuming and expensive security risk assessments, leaving loopholes for potential breaches. Proactive measures are essential to grasp and fortify the IoT ecosystem, ensuring both company security and customer trust.

SomosID offers an unmatched IoT asset registry solution that gives organizations total transparency to their IoT assets. SomosID validates the assets’ identities with various data sources and maintains current awareness of vulnerabilities for all registered IoT assets. SomosID also applies a unique ID based on industry standard attributes to registered assets, components, users and related events for IoT assets. This ID supports correlation and full visibility to IoT assets through their entire lifecycle.

Improved IoT Asset Management

Registration & Lifecycle Management
Verify Asset Identity

Corroborate with certifying entities to ensure that non-certified assets aren’t online.

Jurisdiction & Ownership Transfer
Trace and Report

Ensure compliance, manage risk and generate governance reports and analytics.

Quickly identify vulnerabilities

Check components against industry sources for timely threat and vulnerability updates.

Global Search

Rapidly identify assets to accelerate threat and problem mitigation.

Lack of IoT asset identity awareness can have serious potential consequences.

Today’s IoT industry is so fragmented that there is no way to correlate an IoT asset's various identities across different platforms, software applications, products and services. This inherent lack of transparency makes it both cumbersome and costly for businesses to determine and address the security risk level of their devices. This leaves organizations vulnerable to highly damaging cyber-attacks and data breaches.   

The numbers don't lie.

Why companies need to identify their IoT assets to keep them secured.

36% Companies that have suffered a system breach via an IoT asset.
$9.4M The average amount of money lost to an IoT asset-based breach.
29% Companies that have a complete list of all their IoT assets.

Tracking IoT assets’ state through their lifecycles

Somos works with service providers to track major lifecycle events such as updates, suspensions, reactivations, transfers of ownership and end-of-life. Tracking these events gives IoT asset owners detailed current visibility into their assets' hardware and software BOMs. Additionally, SomosID monitors available vulnerability databases in real time so that organizations can be quickly notified of potential threats to registered devices.

See how Somos ID can bring visibility to your assets' identities. 


Flexibility and scalability support a streamlined implementation.

SomosID is available via a web interface to give enterprises a single pane of glass view of their IoT assets. APIs are also available to integrate the information directly into an organization’s existing IoT platforms and corporate security infrastructure.

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Building Stronger Connections between
Consumers, Brands and Communities.

Somos is committed to helping organizations protect their IoT assets from potential security threats. As a leading authority in identity management, fraud prevention and data solutions, Somos offers a key value proposition to the IoT ecosystem.

Somos is at the forefront of developing, testing and delivering solutions that build trust, preserve integrity and mitigate fraud in the voice and messaging ecosystems. Somos operates a secure systems platform architecture that is both multi-tenant and highly scalable.

From our industry experience to technical expertise, Somos offers everything you need to advance the future of IoT asset management.