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Increase revenue by cutting out costly routing errors!

Ensure Accurate Message Delivery

Across the world, termination rates for messages are becoming increasingly costly. Verifying if a number is valid and active in real-time before incurring the expense of sending anything to that user is critical.  

In most markets, termination fees incur a surcharge if the received traffic is off-net (i.e. a subscriber doesn’t belong to the terminating network and requires forwarding to the correct network). In other markets, off-net messages can simply be dropped.

Our HLR-based Live Routing service can help by validating the accuracy and live status of a number on a network BEFORE you send a message, thus optimizing your margins.

Ensuring Accurate Message Delivery

The Benefits of Live Routing

Unlike Mobile Number Portability (MNP) queries, Live Routing lookups obtain mobile phone connectivity and portability data directly from MNOs – in real time! By providing accurate insights into whether a number is active and reachable, Live Routing supports you with better delivery.

Reduce Fraud

Identify if a number is active and hasn’t been recently ported.

Accurate Delivery

Boost reliability and delivery of messaging traffic.

Optimize Agent Resources

Increase call center efficiency by identifying active numbers.

Why XConnect?

Most HLR Lookup providers have access to a limited set of network operators. Obtaining complete country access and global coverage requires aggregation of service providers at a network operator level. Moreover, the network access of HLR Lookup providers can be subject to change without notice due to the filtering techniques used by mobile operators to protect their networks and subscribers.

XConnect’s Live Status and Live Routing services are powered by a mesh of the world’s best HLR Lookup providers. XConnect aggregates services at a network level and proactively tests each provider’s access on a daily basis to ensure the best coverage and consistency. To ensure long-term stability and service consistency, XConnect has adopted privacy-by-design principles to support services with a clear legal basis.


Maximize your margins and minimize your risk!

Use our Live Routing service to ensure you’re only delivering messages to active subscribers.

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