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Toll-Free Numbers continue to help businesses drive growth, improve service and expand customer knowledge.

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Enterprise Solutions

Create a Direct Line to Your Customers

Toll-Free Means Business®

Whether you’re looking to connect with new, current or prospective customers, Toll-Free Numbers provide enterprises a perfect platform to foster meaningful, authentic conversations with consumers. With over 44 million numbers in use, Toll-Free Numbers are a proven way to help drive growth, improve service and expand customer knowledge. See what you’re missing out on when you utilize the tools below to find a Toll-Free Number and reserve it through a certified Toll-Free Service Provider.

Find a Toll-Free Number 
Find a Toll-Free Service Provider

Service Provider Solutions

Expand your Service Offering Potential

If you’re a telecom company, application provider or similar business looking to broaden and/or diversify your portfolio with a new line of services, Toll-Free may just be the answer you’ve been searching for. Best known for their versatility, Toll-Free Numbers are trusted, easily recognizable, national brand identifiers that can help businesses better understand consumer behavior, develop business strategies and create effective marketing campaigns. Explore available opportunities for adding Toll-Free Numbers to your solutions portfolio now.

Become a Toll-Free Service Provider
Ensure FCC Compliance with RealNumber DNO
Get Recognized with TFNIdentity (Caller ID)

Toll-Free Voice

Use Toll-Free voice to enhance how your business operates.


Hear firsthand what customers have to say.


Instant credibility as a trusted business number.

Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies

Use call analytics and tools to fine-tune marketing campaigns.

By the Numbers

20 Years of Administration
44 Million connections
450+ Toll-Free providers
Our Customers Shape Our Work

The Somos User Group has been a guiding force in helping to ensure that Somos’ products and services surpass the needs of our industry and more importantly, our customers.

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Introducing RouteLink

RouteLink® eliminates the barriers of technology and cost, allowing companies to directly access authoritative Toll-Free routing data to identify more efficient routing, therefore lowering overall network costs.

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Somos is the holder of the TFNRegistry™ Functions Tariff for the management and administration of Toll-Free Numbers. It's a responsibility we take seriously.


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