Avoid Potential TCPA Violations with RealAgentTM

Ensure your outbound calls & texts are only directed to your intended recipient!

Be Confident that Every Connection is the RIGHT Connection


These days, businesses looking to stay in touch with customers via call or text face a potentially serious dilemma… With approximately 1 in 10 consumers changing their phone number a MONTH, it can be difficult to ensure that a number an organization is calling or texting is indeed the intended recipient. And, even if unintentional, contacting a consumer who did not consent to a call or text can expose enterprises to costly Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations.

RealAgent from Somos is a new solution that enables organizations to simply and easily query the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND) – a repository of over 400 million phone numbers that have been permanently disconnected and potentially reassigned to a new user – BEFORE a call or text reaches its recipient. Through this direct access to the RND, RealAgent helps empower enterprises with the crucial data they need to ensure that their calls and texts are reaching the intended source.

Now more than ever, regulatory compliance is imperative. RealAgent can help organizations increase safe harbor, potentially avoid costly fines and be confident that every connection is the right connection.

The Stats Don’t Lie!

10% In 2023, nearly 10% of consumers changed their phone number
$1.5K TCPA fines can result in penalties of up to $1,500 per violation!
52% TCPA lawsuits that potentially become class action lawsuits

RealAgent can query the RND and assist you by:

  • Extracting data from the FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database with ease.
  • Processing responses received, and delivering data in a simple, digestible format.
  • Reducing the cost of querying the RND directly with our agent pricing.
  • Increasing Safe Harbor protection from TCPA violations.
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