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Create the ultimate routing intelligence with direct access to Toll-Free routing data from the TFNRegistry™.

Authoritative Data at Your Fingertips

RouteLink® subscribers get direct access to authoritative Toll-Free routing data direct from the TFNRegistry™. Through an API that connects with your existing system, RouteLink lets you take control of your Toll-Free routing data!

From visualizing complicated Call Processing Records to ensuring that routing data is reliable and updated in near real time, see why RouteLink is the new, modern way to gain access to authoritative Toll-Free Routing data!

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  • Integrate with ease – Through an open source API, RouteLink’s modern interface is easy and quick to implement
  • Store data locally – Enjoy the benefits that come with having a local copy of Toll-Free routing data
  • Visualize your data – RouteLink’s Call Processing Records (CPR) Viewer makes it easy to interpret even the most complex routing records

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