Become a Certified Messaging Provider

Becoming a Messaging Provider is a great way for Telecom and Toll-Free Services Providers to expand their offerings. As a Service Registrar, you will have the unique opportunity to provide text enabled services to your customer.

Your first step to becoming a Service Registrar is to gain access to the TSSRegistry™. The TSSRegistry is the authoritative registry for text enabled Toll-Free Numbers. It provides a single platform where Service Registrars can go to have a number validated and subsequently authorized for text enablement on behalf of the subscriber. As a single, centralized data source, it provides a valuable service in that it both protects the integrity of the Toll-Free Numbers as well as provides an efficient way to text enable the numbers.

Become a Service Registrar in 3 Easy Steps

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Complete and submit our basic online application form.

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Complete an Online Training Session and Certification

Complete an online, self-guided training course and complete your certification. There is a $150 fee for the course & certification.

Expand Your Offerings

You're all set to start providing text enabled services to your customer.

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