Enhance the Overall Identity of a Phone Number




At a time when cyber criminals and fraudsters are getting more creative and sophisticated, service providers and businesses must remain vigilant in protecting phone numbers from fraudulent use.

As the statistics show – you may be at REAL risk!

  • 81% of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying.
  • Americans lost more than $39.5 billion to phone scams this past year.
  • 94% of consumers think that unidentified calls might be fraudulent.

Discover how RealBrand can help defend brands against impersonation, develop superior communication channels and deliver trusted connections between businesses, consumers and communities!

RealBrand can instill trust, confidence and integrity in the telecom ecosystem by:

Mitigate Spoofing

Prevent spoofing of inbound-only numbers

Improve Phone Number Intelligence & Quality

Improve overall phone number intelligence and data quality

Protect Outbound Numbers

Solidify brand identity, improve answer rates, increase sales, enhance convenience and drive engagement on outbound numbers

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Whether it is safeguarding businesses from the threats posed by call spoofing and other fraudulent activities, or supporting brands by establishing trusted caller name or Rich Call Data (RCD) information, RealBrand leverages powerful features such as Do Not Originate (DNO), Caller Name (CNAM) and dynamic risk scoring to fortify the integrity of a phone number. This proactive defense mechanism not only protects a business's reputation but asserts a business’s right to use (RTU) – both of which help instill trust, confidence and integrity in the telecom ecosystem. 

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