Protect your Brand by Asserting Use of Your Numbers




At a time when cyber criminals and fraudsters are getting more creative and sophisticated, businesses must remain vigilant in protecting their brand identity – and more specifically, their phone numbers –from fraudulent use.

As a BRAND, what are you doing to Defend your business’ reputation, Develop your communication channels and Deliver a superior customer experience?

If the answer is nothing – as the statistics show – you may be at REAL risk!

  • 81% of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying.
  • Americans lost more than $39.5 billion to phone scams this past year.
  • 94% of consumers think that unidentified calls might be fraudulent.

With RealBrand™ from Somos, enterprises can realize a range of benefits and securities:

Prevent Spoofing

Prevent spoofing of your inbound-only numbers

Improve Phone Number Intelligence & Quality

Improve your overall phone number intelligence and data quality

Protect Outbound Numbers

Solidify brand identity, improve answer rates, increase sales, enhance convenience and drive engagement on your outbound numbers

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Whether you’re interested in protecting the numbers you use for inbound-only calls or looking to enhance brand visibility on outbound calls, RealBrand offers a dynamic opportunity to safeguard your resources, protect your reputation and expand your reach.

Find out how your business – regardless of industry or size – can leverage RealBrand to elevate, enhance and evolve your brand.

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