How to Request Disablement of Texting on a Toll-Free Number

This process outlines the procedure in a situation where a Responsible Organization (Resp Org) believes one or more of its Toll-Free Numbers have been text enabled without the Toll-Free Subscriber or Resp Org's permission.

  1. Email the Service Registrar of record in the TSSRegistry™, copying, with the following information:
    • An explanation that you are the Resp Org of record for the Toll-Free Number(s) in question and that the subscriber(s) have not authorized the numbers to be text enabled.
    • A request that all texting features be disabled immediately on the Toll-Free Number(s).
    • The list of Toll-Free Number(s) that have been text-enabled without permission.

      A list of Service Registrars and their associated primary contacts can be found by logging into and navigating to the Organizations page under Admin.

  2. If the Service Registrar disputes the claim, the Service Registrar is required to produce a Letter of Agency (LOA) within 2 business days. If an LOA is not produced within 2 business days, please email to request the disconnection of the Toll-Free Number(s) from the TSSRegistry.

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