How To Dispute a Toll-Free Number Ownership Change (Port)

This process outlines the override procedure in a case where a Toll-Free Number that is already text enabled is ported to a new Service Registrar and the former Service Registrar believes the port to be invalid.

  1. Email the Help Desk at, stating that one or more of your text enabled Toll-Free Numbers has been ported to another Service Registrar and you believe the Toll-Free Number(s) should remain in your control. You must also provide an existing Letter of Agency (LOA) for the Toll-Free Number(s) in question.
    If no LOA is produced, the Help Desk will not continue with the dispute and you will need to submit a new enablement request in the TSSRegistry™.
  2. If a valid LOA is produced, the Help Desk will send a priority notice to the current Service Registrar indicating that the Toll-Free Number(s) in question have been ported from another Service Registrar who has an existing LOA and believes they should still be providing service to the end-user.
  3. If the port was valid, the current Service Registrar must provide an LOA for the Toll-Free Number(s) in question within 24 hours. The LOA must be dated within the past 30 days. 

    Failure to produce such LOA within 24 hours will result in reverting assignment back to the former Service Registrar via an override by the Help Desk.

  4. The Help Desk will review both LOAs and the most recent LOA will take precedence. 

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