Advancing Toll-Free: Discovering Industry and Enterprise Trends

Thu, 03/09/2017


We know that research is the first step for enabling even more growth and innovation for our customers. So on Wednesday, March 8th, we hosted a webinar to give the Toll-Free industry an update on our research initiative. We’ve been diving deep into the extended value proposition of Toll-Free, all its new applications, and what it means for enterprises and consumers.

During our recent webinar, VP of Customer Engagement, Michelle Larsen tackled some of the big questions of our industry:

  • How do Toll-Free Numbers deliver value to businesses today?
  • How are enterprises using Toll-Free Numbers in different ways?
  • What challenges are enterprises solving with Toll-Free Numbers?
  • Which vertical markets are experiencing the most growth in Toll-Free usage?
  • How do consumers perceive and use Toll-Free?

If you missed out on the chance to learn about your role as a Responsible Organization (Resp Org) in the future of these Toll-Free research and education efforts, click here to download a copy of the presentation. click here, or to download a copy of the research report, click here.

If you missed out on the chance to learn about your role as a Resp Orgs.  Don’t miss out on another event. Check out a listing of our upcoming events here