President & CEO Gina Perini to Host Drivers of Toll-Free Panel at #TFUS17

Mon, 08/28/2017

With less than one month until our 2017 Toll-Free User Summit in downtown Chicago, Somos is more excited than ever to connect with our industry partners and explore new ways to evolve and innovate within Toll-Free! Gina Perini, Somos’ President & CEO is thrilled to lead us all into the future and her “Drivers of Toll-Free” session for this year’s Summit is a must attend for anyone wanting to gain insights into where the industry is headed next.

Join us at our 2017 Toll-Free User Summit and gain:

  • An appreciation for the unique value of Toll-Free Numbers
  • Insight into industry growth and trends over the past 50 years
  • Insider awareness of new innovations and products coming down the industry pipeline that can help empower business leaders and enterprises to get the most out of their Toll-Free Numbers

In addition to hearing from Gina herself, attendees will be treated to a panel discussion.  Here are some of the industry innovators participating in the panel:

  • ATL Communications – Brian Lynott, Principal
  • CSF Corporation – Rich Scanlon, President & CEO
  • Google – Craig Lennon, Strategic Negotiator and Manager, Messaging & Voice
  • Invoca – Colin Kelley, Co-Founder & CTO
  • Twilio - Douglas Gardner, Vice President & Head of Global Connectivity

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