Help Stop Fraudulent Traffic with RealNumber DNO

RealNumber DNO

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced an upcoming mandate to help ensure that illegal, foreign-originated calls entering the U.S. marketplace are properly blocked. Gateway Providers are now required to reference a “reasonable” do not originate (DNO) list when routing calls in an effort to stop fraudulent traffic from entering the network.

Enter RealNumber DNO. Your source for over 6 billion DNO records to help you maintain compliance!

RealNumber DNO® provides a powerful solution that can help Gateway Providers and U.S.-based operators identify calls that originate from invalid, unallocated and/or unused numbers as well as manually set Toll-Free and 10-digit numbers that have been identified by their Service Providers as numbers which should never be used for call origination. Additionally, RealNumber DNO includes data from USTelecom’s Industry Traceback Group (ITG) DNO list – making this your one-stop shop solution to help protect networks from fraud! 

RealNumber DNO offers a one-stop solution!

RealNumber DNO

RealNumber DNO At-A-Glance

  • Allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to identify in-bound only Toll-Free Numbers and 10-digit local numbers as Do Not Originate (DNO) to aid in fraud prevention
  • Gain visibility into the over 28 million Toll-Free and 6 billion 10-digit local (and counting!) numbers that have already been identified as DNO
  • Access RealNumber DNO data via an API query or flat file bulk download

Whether you’re looking to access data fields for Toll-Free Numbers, local numbers – or both! – now is the perfect time to see firsthand how RealNumber DNO can help prevent fraud on your network.


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