Become a RouteLink Authorized Distributor Customer

If you are a customer of a RouteLink Authorized Distributor, you can access the RouteLink service through their existing offering.

RouteLink is offered by Authorized Distributors either as part of a bundled service, or as a standalone query-based service.  Through a bundled service, an Authorized Distributor may provide a full copy of the routing data to their customer.  In the query-based model, the Authorized Distributor receives the Toll-Free routing data from Somos, and distributes this data to their customers on a query basis. Contact an Authorized Distributor for more information.


  • Customers of Authorized Distributors enjoy additional value from distributors either through simplified access to the Toll-Free routing data, or through analytics.
  • Routing data bundles (including Toll-Free) reduces the number of vendors to manage.
  • Analytics on Toll-Free routing data can improve routing efficiency by reducing costs for Toll-Free calls.


  • Complete all the steps listed in the  RouteLink Direct Subscriber On-Boarding Checklist
  • Accept the RouteLink User Agreement and Terms & Conditions and the API License.
  • Complete the API certification process in RouteLink's sandbox environment.

Note: For query-based services you will need to follow the distributor’s requirements.

RouteLink Authorized Distributors

Pricing and commercial conditions vary by distributor. Please ask your distributor for more information.

(978) 848.2820

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