Thought Leaders from AWS and Ericsson Explore Digital Agility at the 2021 Somos Summit!

Digital Agility

In a reshuffled world defined by constantly shifting business needs and accelerated digitalization, it’s no longer the strongest company that survives but rather, the one that is the most adaptable to change. Driven by transformative technology, business disruption is happening more quickly than ever.

The wheels of digital transformation are turning at max velocity, are you agile enough to keep pace?

Join Sri Ramachandran, SVP & Chief Technology Officer at Somos, and the following panel of experts as they explore the future of digital transformation and the importance of digital agility during the 2021 Somos Summit session: Digital Agility: Meet the Next Generation of Digital Transformation:

  • Anand Akundi, VP Head of Digital Solutions and Managed Services, Customer Unit Regional Carriers at Ericsson North America
  • Franck Noel, Head of Solutions Architects, SMB East at Amazon Web Services

From best practices for adapting to ever-evolving consumer demands to the benefits of a micro-pivot approach to economic shifts, we’ll show you how a dynamic approach, underpinned by innovation, can help ensure that you are ready for what’s happening now, next and beyond.

Get ready to Rethink, Redesign & Renew digital agility and beyond when you register for the 2021 Somos Summit! We can’t wait to have you join us this October 5th and 6th for this exciting, 100% virtual event!


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