Gina Perini Explores How to “Strength-EN Numbers” at the 2022 Somos Summit!

Gina Perini Explores How to “Strength-EN Numbers” at the 2022 Somos Summit!  Author: Somos

In an iconic, 1998 episode of the sitcom Seinfeld, the character Elaine Benes famously tried to “steal” a 212-area code phone number. To her, the area code wasn’t a comment on her physical geography, but rather, a way to identify herself as a Native New Yorker.

While nearly 25 years later, phone numbers still act as identifiers, in today’s hyper-digitalized world – one where geography and area codes are no longer mutually exclusive – phone numbers are influencing a much more significant (and complex) part of one’s identity – their digital identity. 

In thinking about the future, and how things may look in another 25 years, what role will phone numbers play? Will they still provide a strong foundation for our digital identities? Gina Perini, CEO & Chair of the Board at Somos, looks to answer these questions at the 2022 Somos Summit during her CEO keynote presentation:

The Value of Phone Numbers is Changing
(Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That) 

Join Gina this September 28 at 9AM MDT for an exciting exploration of what “Strength in Numbers” means today, as well as what must happen to “Strength-en Numbers” going forward. Specifically, she’ll focus on how, together as an industry, it’s mission-critical that we not only increase trust in numbering, but also safeguard the security and integrity of our digital identities.

This is one session you will NOT want to miss!

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Just because you can’t make it to Denver, CO for the 2022 Somos Summit doesn’t mean that you must miss out on the opportunity to explore, enhance and evolve the future of telecom next week! 

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