Hiya’s 2022 State of the Call Report Reveals Top Trends in Voice Calling

Recently, SaaS provider Hiya both analyzed 150 billion calls that they processed in 2021 as well as commissioned a third-party survey of more than 1,800 businesses and 12,000 consumers worldwide to develop their 2022 State of the Call Report

One of the biggest trends to emerge from the report was that consumers are screening unidentified calls more than ever before – and if they don’t recognize a number or know who is calling, they aren’t answering. Some stand-out statistics that help to demonstrate this include the following:

  • 94% of respondents believe that unidentified calls might be fraud
  • 62% of respondents said they received a call they believed to be a scammer impersonating a business 
  • 97% of businesses would pay a premium per call for branded caller ID
  • 32% of businesses think that adding identity to calls is the most effective way to increase answer rates

Knowing the above, it’s probably no surprise that organizations with catchy, memorable and identifiable telephone numbers have a clear advantage over businesses with unbranded numbers. As a Resp Org, you have the unique opportunity to help get outbound business calls recognized – AND answered. Wondering what one of the fastest and easiest ways to attach caller ID display information to your enterprise customer’s calls is?




TFNIdentity® offers a powerful storage solution that allows Resp Orgs to input validated CNAM information into the database – at NO cost to the Resp Org. Once the data has been captured in TFNIdentity’s robust database, originating carriers can access the database to support the display of the Caller ID name – thus letting consumers know who is calling them when the phone rings.

Help maintain trust in Toll-Free by getting started with an easy, secure and reliable way to get your customers’ TFNs recognized. Email now to learn more about how you can help contribute to driving


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