Meet the 2024 Spring Semester Intern Class at Somos!

We are thrilled to introduce our Spring Semester Intern Class for 2024 at Somos! This year marks a special milestone as it's the first time we are expanding our internship program beyond the summer and creating new pathways and opportunities during the spring semester.

Our class includes six talented individuals, each poised to infuse our team with their unique skills and fresh perspectives. The following rising stars will help enrich different departments within Somos, including Software Development, Quality Engineering, Product Management and Customer Engagement:

At Somos, we champion a culture of mentorship and active learning. Our interns will work closely with industry leaders and mentors on impactful projects that blend academics with tangible, real world experience. In addition to being an integral part of the team, each intern will chart an individual journey of personal and professional development.

We're dedicated to curating an empowering, dynamic, and enriching internship experience. Team Somos is eager to witness the remarkable impact our Spring Semester Intern Class will undoubtedly have!

Check out the for more insight into our internship program and the opportunity to apply for the Summer 2024 Internship Program.

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