Rising to the Challenge: A New Phase of Growth for XConnect, A Somos Company

This past October, Somos’ CEO and Chair of the Board, Gina Perini, issued a challenge to other leaders – Specifically, she challenged them to stretch their thinking to create new strategies, expand their product roadmaps and deepen their talent.

One such leader who clearly rose to the challenge in 2021, and continues to “adapt and thrive in a new reality,” is Eli Katz, Founder and CEO of XConnect, A Somos Company. In June 2021, Eli and XConnect embarked on a new phase for the organization’s strategy to provide trusted information for global connections by finalizing an acquisition by Somos. States Eli:

“Somos is a perfect fit for XConnect and gives our customers access to a combined portfolio of trusted number administration, business messaging, routing data, identity verification, and identity management solutions in the US and around the world.”

As Gina opined in her original article, “As leaders, we need to rise to the occasion and be bold in the development of these new ways of working.” To learn more about how Eli rose to the occasion himself in 2021, as well as his vision for advancing the communications industry for the benefit of the entire eco-system, check out his recent article: CEO Statement 2022: Innovation in Trusted Information for Global Communications.


Rising to the Challenge: A New Phase of Growth for XConnect, A Somos Company



“We have an opportunity to improve the day-to-day lives of our teammates, their families, friends and communities…. [and] as leaders, we should seize that opportunity.”

Want to learn more about what it means to be a successful leader and ensure that no potential opportunity goes unexplored? If so, be on the look-out for an exciting upcoming series of blogs written by Somos’ very own Gina Perini that focuses on the virtues of leadership and more!


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