RouteLink Beta Program Expanding to a Wider Audience Using Live Data

Somos is breaking down the barriers to accessing authoritative Toll-Free routing information by modernizing the way it is accessed through RouteLink.

Announced at the November 2016 Toll-Free User Summit, RouteLink received high interest and positive feedback. So our team quickly kicked-off the RouteLink Beta Program in December.

During the initial Beta Program, we have been working with a small group of customers who are testing the service. Valuable feedback continues to be received which is helping us to build a more robust, reliable, and rounded service. 

In March, RouteLink reached an important milestone in the Beta program making live data available for testing. Soon, another important milestone will be reached: the opening of the Beta Program to a wider audience.

We expect to start phase two of the RouteLink Beta Program with additional companies the week of April 24th. During phase two, we will continue testing the RouteLink service, but will also add testing of the click-through on-boarding process.

While we already have several companies that have expressed interest in phase two of the RouteLink Beta Program, we are looking for additional companies to help test this new product. If you are interested in participating in phase two of the Beta Program, please email us at We will announce the phase two Beta testers by April 21st.

*Please note that participating in the RouteLink Beta Program requires companies to sign a Beta testing agreement with Somos, and assign resources to integrate the API, and run the necessary certification of their system to our API.

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