The Secret to the Contact Center of the Future? Business Texting!

Did you know that companies with texting
see an average of 10% growth year-over-year?

Help your enterprise customers gain visibility – and get OUT of the blackhole of user’s inboxes – when you offer business texting! Not only does having the freedom to text make life more convenient, it also provides a fast and efficient way for your enterprise customers to streamline operations, improve support and more.

Ready to see firsthand how business texting provides a meaningful 1-to-1 connection on a channel customers prefer? If so, check out our latest video, Text or Hire a Giant Octopus? to see the benefits of business texting for contact centers in action!


Ready to learn more about how you can enable your customers with the ability to text from their Toll-Free Number? Email us at and get started on the path to improved sales and support, increased responsiveness and revenue and lower operational costs!


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