Texting by the Numbers: Key Stats and How They Can Change Your Business!

Far behind are the days when texting was a “nice to have” for companies – in our current climate, business texting is a MUST HAVE method of communication that consumers EXPECT. As an essential part of a successful customer success strategy, texting can help enterprises: 

Maximize user experience

Streamline operations and


Check out our latest infographic for eye-opening statistics, helpful next steps and need-to-know facts around the benefits of business texting. In addition, we’ll show you firsthand how text enabled Toll-Free Numbers can help lay the foundation for a more strategic customer engagement action plan!

Texting by the Numbers: Key Stats and How They Can Change Your Business!


As the numbers show, there’s a reason why there are currently over 7 MILLION text enabled Toll-Free Numbers – not only does text enablement help maximize efficiency and increase sales, it can also help bolster customer loyalty!

Are you interested in learning more about how implementing business messaging can benefit YOUR organization? If so, we encourage you to check out the following resources:

  • How to Get Started – A comprehensive list of best practices for adding texting to a business number

  • Business Texting Insights – A collection of interviews, case studies, how-to information, and more that outline the benefits of text to Toll-Free

  • Messaging Provider Service Directory – A listing of certified Service Providers that can help guide you through the text enablement journey  

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