A Texting Q&A with EZ Texting

With a long history in the industry, EZ Texting specializes in creating intuitive and powerful software that helps companies build engaging conversations with customers. We spoke with Josh Siegel, Chief Product Officer, and Shannon Donohue, Vice President of Global Connectivity, at EZ Texting to learn more about key considerations for enterprises when text enabling a Toll-Free Number.

A Texting Q&A with EZ Texting

What are the most important things an enterprise should consider when going through the process of text enabling their number?

One of the most important considerations is that messaging needs to be purposeful. Text messaging is a ubiquitous form of communication. We need to preserve subscribers’ faith that when they pull their phone out of their pocket, the message they receive will provide value.

Another challenge we see is that companies are slow to respond to customers who text into their business lines. For most, texting is thought of as an instantaneous form of communication. If you’re slow to respond to a text, you risk losing the consumer. A key factor for enterprises to consider is how they will integrate texting into their daily operations. For instance, if there are multiple receptionists or representatives, who will field text responses and how? 

Do you have an example of a company that has integrated texting well?

There’s a veterinary dental office that text enabled their Toll-Free Number. They have a rotating on-call staffer who stays logged into the EZ Texting application and sends customers updates on the status of their dog’s dental cleaning. Customers are encouraged to respond and engage in a real-time conversation. They also send appointment reminders and recurring messages when it’s time for another dental cleaning.

Thanks to strong operational oversight, this company is able to cut down on its costs and streamline appointment creation by communicating with customers the way they want to communicate.

How do you envision messaging in the future? Any trends or innovations coming down the road?

Like a lot of communications mediums, adoption often lags the innovation—particularly from a marketing or customer service standpoint. In five years, if your business is not texting or using mobile messaging solutions, it would be like your business not having a website or a phone. Businesses that don’t adopt texting will miss opportunities and ultimately be less competitive.

We also believe that powerful workflow tools will enable better interactions and more easily trigger things like ordering and transactions or other services.

What makes your services different from other text enablement services?

EZ Texting is the leader in providing a complete texting solution for the small- and medium-sized business market. Our platform is great for businesses that want to text either “one-to-one” or “one-to-many,” and across common use cases like marketing promotions or customer service interactions. 

Customers can see the benefits of our platform fairly quickly, oftentimes within hours. We’ve developed a very easy-to-use application that doesn’t require technical capability. Higher audience participation, faster responses to promotions, greater ROI on marketing campaigns, and better overall list building and engagement are just a few of the benefits we deliver. 

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