Webinar Recap: Improving the SMS/800 TFN Registry For Your Business (Release 3)


Through continued collaboration with the industry, the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry is evolving. Our goal is to make processes on this vital platform easier, simpler, and faster for the industry.

Release 3 for the SMS/800 TFN Registry launched on December 4. To help better prepare Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) for this new release, Somos hosted a webinar highlighting all the new features and updates included in this release. Presented by Ryan Karnas, Director of Product Management, Michael Kimmel, Director of Requirements, and Sudhakar Donepudy, Lead Software Architect at Somos, the webinar covered the interface plan for the SMS/800 TFN Registry, the feature roadmap, changes to workflows and User Interfaces (UI), and the Application Programming Interface (API) enhancements.

Interface Plan

Today, the SMS/800 TFN Registry UI and APIs, along with the Service Control Point (SCP) interface, will continue to be the primary access points to the registry. To support a graceful adoption process and minimize business disruption, the 3270 Interface will be supported through Spring 2018, while the Mechanized Generic Interface (MGI), and Web Based Access (WBA) will continue to be supported through 2020. Eventually, the Web Based Reporting System (WRS) will be replaced with Tableau, a new and improved reporting system.

Registry Features

Release 3 is the third release to the SMS/800 TFN Registry in 2017 that will help Resp Orgs with their workflows. The UI now has an updated navigation menu and a set of new workflows, including: One Click Activate, Bulk Number Search & Reserve, Bulk Results, Customer Record Audit & Resend, Template Record List, and Self-Serve Forgot Password.. These same functionalities are also available to customers via API. For more information about the SMS/800 TFN Registry APIs, visit the Developers Resources Portal.  Additional details about the new UI are available via the Help button found at the top of the UI.

We are excited to see Release 3 improve and streamline business for Resp Orgs and SCPs alike. 

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