Webinar Recap: Safeguard Your Network and Maintain FCC Compliance with KYCT

With illegal robocalls and robotexts on the rise, a fraud mitigation and prevention strategy that embraces Know Your Customer’s Traffic (KYCT) principles offers service providers and Resp Orgs alike a progressive way to ensure safer and more secure network environments.

For those not familiar with KYCT, this webinar answers some of your most pressing questions, including:

What is KYCT?
How is KYCT being applied?
What tools can be utilized to implement KYCT?

Kyle Belcher, Senior Product Manager at Somos, and a panel of industry experts address these common inquiries – and more – in Somos’ most recent webinar: Safeguard Your Network and Maintain FCC Compliance with KYCT.

During the 30-minute-long session, Stacy Graham, Director, Assurance & Trust Services at Sinch, David West, EVP at Equinox Information Systems, and Kyle kick off the program with a discussion of some of the most challenging pain points currently impacting the telecom industry. From understanding regulatory compliance measures to implementing appropriate security protections and beyond, the panel discussion wrapped up the conversation with a discussion around how Somos’ RealNumber® DNO solution for voice and text can bolster the success of your KYCT-integrated strategy.

In summary, the webinar – which is currently available for on-demand viewing – provides valuable insight into the importance of:

  • Understanding customer behavior
  • Monitoring network traffic
  • Staying up to date on FCC developments

With knowledge comes power – and more specifically, the power to proactively protect one's networks from malicious and/or fraudulent activity! Are you looking to learn more about best practices for successfully safeguarding telecom networks and preserving consumer trust? If so, this webinar is a can’t miss program!

Watch the On-Demand Recording

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