Webinar Recap: Unveiling the Future: Strengthening IoT Security for Tomorrow

We’re living in the age of the IoT device. Currently, human beings are outnumbered by IoT-enabled devices by a ratio of 2 to 1, and the effects are apparent: we rely on IoT-enabled devices for many of the most important aspects of our daily lives — from banking to navigating to staying in touch with our loved ones. And it’s this very dependence that makes our IoT devices such prime targets for bad actors.

Of late, we’ve seen a swell of IoT-based attacks — on average, about 100 million per year —many of which have devastating results. Solutions are desperately needed.

On April 30, Somos gathered several industry experts for an engaging webinar to discuss the current security gaps in the IoT ecosystem, and what can be done to shore them up. Michael Smyth, Product Manager at Somos, was joined for the discussion by Sri Ramachandran, CTO of Somos; Steve Brumer, CEO and Partner at BH IoT group; and Tom Pace, CEO and Co-Founder of NetRise.

“IoT security is a must, not a ‘nice to have.” - Michael Smyth

For those unable to attend the webinar, you can now catch up by accessing the on-demand recording for viewing anytime!




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