What is Texting to Toll-Free?

Give your Customers a New Way to Engage with your Brand

Businesses that rely on Toll-Free Numbers for customer support and outreach can easily text enable their number to facilitate meaningful conversations. As a favorite method of communication among consumers, texting is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of communicating with customers. When you text enable your Toll-Free Number, you unlock a host of capabilities that optimize productivity, efficiency, and the bottom-line.

What makes texting to Toll-Free exciting is that the use cases are limitless! Text messages can be used to offer discounts or exclusive savings, send important announcements, quick follow-ups, cost estimates, appointment confirmations, and more.

Track Performance Across Channels

Text enabling a Toll-Free Number is a great way to measure the efficacy of mobile ad campaigns. Toll-Free Numbers offer new avenues to measure agent sales and service techniques and strategies. When combined with an embedded click-to-call feature and analytics software, they can help you build a customer’s profile before they are even connected to an agent.

Plus, through call-monitoring and utilizing voice-recognition technology, companies can track agent performance across multiple channels and see which sales approaches or service practices are the most successful.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock the power of text to Toll-Free now to meet customers where they are, allow them to contact you in the method they choose, offer a greater potential for closing a sale, and give incomparable insights into your customers and your relationship with them. All that adds to a valuable, critical tool that no business should ever be without. Contact a provider today who can help you text enable your Toll-Free Number.

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