TFNRegistry™ Customized Suitcase Class Request



Create your own custom learning experience for your team at your Resp Org's Company location.

The Suitcase class is customized and conducted at your location. A minimum of four (4) students will be required to conduct an on-site Customized Suitcase Class. Customized Virtual Suitcase Classes are available. Please email a Somos Trainer at to learn more.

Course Outline Suggestions and Scheduling:

  • All classes include an introduction into the TFNRegistry™ and Somos.
  • You can pick and choose class topics from the following list of Topics in the section below that will best fit your team. 
  • You can also attend specific days of a planned 5-day training class.


  • Search and Reserve numbers
  • Basic Customer Records
  • Complex Records
  • Label Definitions
  • Templates
  • Area of Service Label
  • Automation
  • Carrier
  • Reporting

Registration Fee:
Fee for hosting a Customized Suitcase class is $1,400 per day and includes registration for up to 4 students. Additional registrations can be added for an extra $350 per day per student.


  • Attendees should be familiar with the concepts and terminology of telephone networks and Toll-Free services.
  • Service Establishment Application must be completed prior to attending a Customized Suitcase Class. Certified Resp Orgs are welcome to request a class at any time.

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