Challenging Expired-System Approved Request Process


When a Service Registrar submits a request to have a Toll-Free Number text enabled, the TFN is immediately enabled and the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) who controls the voice service is notified. The Resp Org then has two business days to respond to the request. If the Resp Org takes no action within two business days, the request will expire, and then the system will automatically approve the request.

This document explains how a Resp Org may contact the Somos Help Desk to challenge the expired-system-approved request in cases where a valid reason to reject that request exists.

Text Enablement Challenge Submission:

If no action is taken by the Resp Org within two business days of a text enablement request, the request expires and is automatically approved. The TFN(s) is reflected in the TSSRegistry™ as expired-system-approved.

In case the Resp Org has a valid reason to reject that request after the two business days, the Resp Org can contact Somos Help desk to challenge the auto expired-system-approved request.

The Resp Org may send a challenge requests via email to The request must contain the following information:

  1. The Toll-Free Number(s) involved in the request
  2. A request to change the expired-system-approved request to rejected stating one of the possible valid reasons in the system. The reasons are:
  • LOA Data Mismatch
  • Toll-Free Shared or Bundled Service
  • Unauthorized LOA Contact
  • Not Commercially Viable/Integrated Service

Somos will contact the Service Registrar asking for the information needed to approve the request.

If the Service Registrar does not provide the information requested within 2 business days, then the Somos Help Desk will override the automatic approval, and it will reject the request.

In those cases where the automatic approval has been overridden, if the Service Registrar wishes to resubmit a request, they will need to do so through the TSSRegistry for that number and include supporting information, such as an LOA.

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