Utilizing the ROC System for Toll-Free Number Port Changes

Let’s face it: Change can be scary. From starting a new job to relocating to a new area to a dramatic haircut, adopting a new status quo can be intimidating, especially when you are diving in head-first and drinking direct from the firehose.

Luckily, not all change is overwhelming, cumbersome or just down-right confusing. A lot of change helps people to do things faster, smarter and more easily. Such is the case with the Centralized Resp Org Change Management System, or ROC for short.

The use of the ROC System has been mandated by the Somos Toll-Free Tariff for ROCs requiring a valid Letter of Agency (LOA). What does this mean? Any Resp Org change initiated by the new (gaining) Resp Org in which the current (losing) Resp Org requires a valid LOA must be submitted through ROC and all requests must be addressed within 2 business days.

The ROC System provides a streamlined workflow to the port change process by allowing Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to quickly and efficiently submit, upload PDFs or TIF file formats of LOAs and process Resp Org Changes Requests online via the Somos Portal Website ( By utilizing a centralized platform, the ROC System eliminates the hassle involved with traditional emails, phone and faxes. Additionally, the process provides a smooth and transparent and transition for all involved parties.

Want to learn more about the ROC System? Check out our previously recorded session from the 2016 Toll-Free User Summit below: 


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