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Suk Yee Wong

Vice President, Technical Operations
Suk Yee Wong

Suk Yee Wong is the Vice President, Technical Operations and brings 25+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry to her role.  Prior to joining Somos in 2013, she was a Senior Product Manager at DSMI (Database Service Management, Inc.) providing oversight for a geographically diverse and distributed team of vendors supporting the SMS/800 Platform.  Prior to DSMI, Suk Yee was a Principal Software Engineer at Bellcore/Telcordia Technologies/Ericsson, leading a team of software developers and testers on the SMS/800 Platform.

Suk Yee’s experience includes all  facets of the software lifecycle which includes writing requirements, coding, testing, release management, project management, production management, contract negotiations, and billing/finance.


As a graduate of Steven’s Institute of Technology, Suk Yee holds a master’s degree in Computer Science, as well as a bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in Computer Science from NYU. 

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